Black and White Box, drawing

January 17, 2010

After being so thrilled with the way my first box turned out, I’ve decided to design and build a few more different styles. I’ve drawn this one a few different ways now, and I’m still not sold on it completely. It may just be my inability to draw, so I might mock one up. At the very least, I’m going to draw it up in Sketchup and see how it looks. I think one of the problems is that the bevel on the top is not wide enough.

I am wanting to use a light colored wood (maybe Holly) and then Ebony for the handles and keys. I really like the look of the keyed miter, the different sized keys somehow compliments the lip on the lid. The thick line towards the top is where the lid starts. A thin veneer of Ebony on the lid and the top of the sides will define the opening. The lid will be hinged.

I’m also very happy with the look of the handles, at least how I imagine them in my head. Not sure if the drawing shows them truly how I’m thinking.

I’m also not sure about the feet. I have them drawn as ebony rods that are the full depth of the box in length. My wife loves them, I like them one time when I look at it and the next time I feel like they don’t fit the style.


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